Welcome to my new site where I’ll be blogging about career advice, talent acquisition trends and projects, and anything else I think may be inspiring to help you along your career journey!

I most recently worked as Director of Recruiting for the Special Olympics World Games 2015. I have 15 combined years working with non-profits and global corporations in Talent Acquisition and Project Management. When I’m not thinking about the next project, I’m hanging out with my best friend and beautiful wife Christie, our three amazing kids, Luke, Julianne, and Bellamy, along with a Boston Terrier name Mr. Riley Finn, a few cats named Xander and Willow, a bird, and a Bearded Dragon named Spike.

I love helping people live a better life personally and professionally. We are all heading in one direction or another and sometimes just need some help and encouragement to stay on track. I hope this blog and other service offerings can help you find a better job and live a better life.