Last week, we talked about Fear and how it shows up differently for each DISC type. This week, we will walk through the path forward through the fear of each type.

The Fear of Type D (Dominance) is being taken advantage of. This could look like control issues regarding others’ abilities. Type D is like an Enneagram 8, feeling afraid of being controlled by other people. D’s don’t like to be micromanaged or feel like they don’t have the autonomy of doing a role. They might have the fear of being stuck in a roll that isn’t allowing them to actually lead because their autonomy is being taken away from them.  If a Type D is inside of an organization and is having these issues, I would tell them to clarify their values and lead from the heart. If High D’s lead from the heart, they win. If High D’s are leading from a place of compassion and empathy for those around them, they can see that others are not attempting to control them (this is merely a perception). If High D’s lead with compassion and empathy, they can see things from other people’s perspectives. If a Type D is looking for a career change outside of their organization, they should look for roles that give them complete autonomy.

The Fear of Type I (Influence) is a lack of social support. This could look like being ignored or unaccented in a group setting. When a High I Type feels like they don’t have influence at the business table, they will struggle. They might feel like they have the knowledge to do the job, but they are not actually being invited to influence business decisions. If a High I feels as if they can’t influence in their company, I would encourage them to look for opportunities to “lead up” and influence the company even when they are not in the chair of influence. This might look like coming along someone, offering assistance, expertise, or even helping to build a better rapport with the leadership of their organization.  If a Type I is looking for a career change outside of their organization, they should ask the question “How are business decisions made and what would my ability to influence these decisions look like within this organization?”

The Fear of Type S (Steadiness) is a loss of security. This could look like rapid change, loss of a job or stability. If a High S is experiencing this loss of security, they need to recognize what they can control and what they cannot control both in their current situation and at their company as a whole. Having acceptance for both the things in their power and the things that are outside of their power is essential for High S’s.  The way a Type S can have control outside of their organization is by developing their own career plan.  This will give High S’s a sense of control in their own life, even when they are not getting that same sense of control in their professional role. 

The Fear of Type C (Compliance) is making mistakes. This could look like the negative feeling of missing the mark. If a High C feels as if they have made a mistake, they need to practice being kind to themselves. High C’s also have to understand where they need to take ownership and what is not theirs to own. This can be a game changer, as they are used to taking on every mistake- even when they are not the ones responsible. Outside of the organization for the job seeker, High C’s need to be willing to take a risk in their job search.

So… what is your path forward through your fear?