Remember that LinkedIn account you made 10 years ago? It’s time to bring it up to speed…

LinkedIn is all about Career Personal Branding. The mistake most people make is that they signed up for LinkedIn 10 years ago, copied and pasted their resume, and went on their way. Here’s the problem: 100% of Recruiters and Hiring Managers are going to look at your LinkedIn profile. The question is what will stand out about your resume? Don’t miss an opportunity to differentiate yourself from the other applicants they are considering. LinkedIn offers an opportunity for you to deliver personalized marketing.

Your About Me section should be formatted as a a first-person narrative format that communicates who you are and what you are about. Be sure to emphasize your strengths, keep it simple, and be yourself. 

Craft a headline that creates curiosity. Do not simply put your current position and employer. Think creatively here: what are the top three qualities you bring to the table as an employee? What do you want Recruiters and Hiring Managers to know about you right off the bat?

Remember to curate a LinkedIn profile that communicates who you are just as much as it communicates what you do. Happy crafting!