While chaos may seem loud, calmness can lead us forward. 

What a crazy week, right? Although more challenges may come, it’s important for us to remember that we are all in this together. My team met this morning in our first-ever Google Hangouts meeting (which, by the way, may have been our most productive meeting ever) to talk about how we can help you stay in control of your career direction. What you learn in this moment of change will remain true for any hardship you face in your career. Now is the time to dig deep into the learning opportunities in front of us and adapt. So let’s talk about a few questions which might be at the forefront of our minds:

1. Are companies still going to be hiring? The answer is yes, no, and some. Many companies are adapting by transitioning to video interviewing. Certain industries will inevitably be hit harder than others, like retail, entertainment, energy, and construction. On the other hand, some industries will thrive, such as IT, healthcare, and life sciences. Companies who have already adopted remote working styles will likely carry on with business as usual, while others will struggle to adapt quickly.  In the end, everyone will adjust to a new normal, and only time will tell how that ultimately affects the job market. The next 30 days will be challenging, but hang on. The good news is that this shall pass, and hopefully we will feel only short-term impacts.

2. What should my job strategy be during this time? Continue to build a Referral Network Strategy. The immediate needs of a company are going to change quickly, and hiring managers are going to be the first to know what the need is and when they need it. Waiting to simply apply online will be too late. Be curious, research, and ask questions about what the needs of your target company are so that you can provide real-time solutions. 

3. How do I handle ongoing interviews right now? If you are in the middle of interviewing, reach out to the recruitment team or hiring manager and ask how they are going to proceed. Request a video interview over the in-person interview for your own safety and the safety of others. We all need to do our part. Be ready to move quickly if needed. Be kind and compassionate to hiring managers and recruiters as they adjust to new ways of hiring.

4. What can I do to keep my career direction moving forward? Stay engaged! If you are working remotely now, use what would have been your commute time for professional development. This is a time to get career coaching, assessment, resume marketing, LinkedIn Career Personal Branding, and Your Story Pitch together. You may never have this kind of time again, so use the opportunity to stay in control of your career direction and keep moving forward. And if you haven’t started, start today! 

Remember that you still have control over your career direction, and there are still opportunities at your door. Keep calm and keep at it!