Many of you already know me and know what I do as a Career Strategist, but I suspect few of you know the story behind it. Before I created the Career Brand Story method and came to own Jeremy Tudor and Career Brand Story brands, I had a much different life. I’d like to tell you a story about that life. 

I had a 16-year career in Human Resources and Talent Acquisition that included working for a start-up, a large global corporation doing international recruiting and global mobility, Director of Recruiting for Special Olympics World Games 2015 in L.A., and serving as the Talent Acquisition Manager for the State of North Carolina overseeing Talent Acquisition technology, process, and policy for the states multiple agencies and 100k+ workforce. During that season I also founded a church and worked as a bi-vocational Lead Pastor for that church for 10 years. I learned a lot in these positions, both from a personal standpoint and a business standpoint. I worked hard to get the jobs I wanted, and was excited to be a part of it all. I didn’t realize I would later need to collect the resources I had learned in these positions to entirely rebuild my career/life.

The catalyst for me starting my own career marketing company started three years ago when I was sitting at a conference table being told that my job which I loved was being terminated because new leadership had decided they were going in a different direction.  

I was devastated and felt like a failure. My head raced, and I questioned my quality of work and my own self-worth. I knew I had worked hard and produced valuable work, but the new leadership simply decided to take a different direction. Although my position was simply no longer necessary, this still felt absolutely crushing. I had been invested in it. And now the future looked terrifying. Just the thought of telling my three incredible kids that dad lost his job was unbearable. 

So, over the next 9 months I began to think about what had made me successful, what I was good at, what talents I possessed, what I valued, and how I wanted to thrive in my life. In 18 months I created a thriving business with 5-figure monthly revenue sales, with a growing team of professional marketers, writers, and coaches that have helped over 2000 people thrive in their life and do what they love. We are still growing and moving into a new office space and can see sparks of big opportunities in the path ahead. 

An important piece of my story is that I know what it is like to feel stuck. I know how frustrating it can be to work in an unsatisfying job, be let go, or have no idea what to do next. I will never forget the challenges which led me into the place where I am today. During this pandemic, things are changing for all of us. The job economy flipped upside down overnight. You may be sitting in the chair where your company is downsizing, you’ve been furloughed, or you’ve been terminated from your job. Maybe you are sitting in a job you don’t love or you’re feeling like you don’t know what’s next because you just got yourself in a rut. While those things can feel devastating, it is not the end. In fact, I believe that these unprecedented challenges present us with unprecedented opportunities. I’m here to tell you that this is just the beginning. You don’t have to stay where you are. 

If you want to hear more about how to transform your career, I have some exciting news coming your way by the end of this week. I am thrilled to announce that I am starting a podcast called Career Brand Story with Jeremy Tudor, where you’ll hear weekly career coaching directly from me and my podcast guests. Coming soon, wherever you find your podcasts!
Wherever you are today, remember that things really can change. Take my word for it.